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The Italians Honored World AIDS Day with Heart, Music, and Activism

With KOMOS, the LGBTQ choir of Bologna, Italy, as I bear witness to the HIV epidemic during their World AIDS Day event on November 30th, 2019. What a distinct pleasure to be in the company of spirited Italians for the week of World AIDS Day in early December. I was honored to be the guest of Plus Onlus, their national coalition of gay men living with HIV and their allies, and on Saturday, November 30th, they joined forces with KOMOS, the Bologna LGBTQ chorus, for a night of music and…

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Sex Worker Jacen Zhu on Meth, HIV, and Racism in Gay Porn

The fact that sex worker Jacen Zhu is a fiercely intelligent and community-minded young man shouldn’t really come as a surprise, despite our habit of keeping porn stars in their porny boxes. The advent of online opportunities like “Just for Fans” pages on Twitter, which make oodles of money for sex workers while giving us a glimpse into their actual lives, has brought a refreshing and candid look at their real-life interests — if the sex worker in question is brave enough to reveal them. Jacen is brave enough. At…

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Gay Couple Adopt HIV Positive Child: Five Years On the Virus is Virtually Undetectable 

Good news! The couple’s adopted daughter is now healthier and reacting well to her HIV+ treatment. An HIV positive baby girl adopted in 2014 by a gay couple get a second shot at life. Damein Pighin, 42 and Ariel Vijarra, 39 adopted baby Olivia after 10 other families had rejected her, reported the Daily Mail. The couple that was also the first gay couple to get married in Santa Fe, a Province in North Eastern Argentina, had been trying to adopt a child and expand their family since 2011. After a…

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Time to viral rebound and safety after antiretroviral treatment interruption in postpartum women compared to men



The safety of treatment interruptions, a necessary part of cure studies, is not well-established, particularly in girls. We when results to men in historical disruption trials and explored security and viral rebound kinetics in a group of postpartum women quitting ART.
Test of time.
1,076 asymptomatic, virally suppressed, postpartum women living with HIV enrolled in the PROMISE trial with baseline CD4+ cell counts ≥ 350/mm3 underwent behavioral therapy (ART) discontinuation. Proportion with virologic suppression at weeks 4 and 12 were compared to participants in ACTG treatment interruption trials (91% male inhabitants ).
In PROMISE, with the median time to HIV viral rebound, methods was fourteen days. An estimated 6% of girls would stay suppressed at 30 weeks. Of those that had viral rebound by 30 months (N = 993),

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Solving the Mystery of the Queer Angel

The Queer Angel paying respects at the Atlanta AIDS Walk. (Photo by Russ Bowen-Youngblood) When the photo appeared on social media only hours after the Atlanta AIDS Walk last week, it produced gasps and tears. There, standing pensively among the panels of the NAMES Project Quilt display, is a gloriously dressed man in white platforms heels. An enormous expanse of feathered wings frames him as he silently contemplates the quilt panels at his feet. The Queer Angel, paying respects to the fallen. The photograph instantly became a social media sensation,…

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Bodybuilder Raif Derrazi Talks HIV Stigma. With His Shirt Off.

“I’m sorry to objectify you,” I said sheepishly to bodybuilder Raif Derrazi. For our videotaped interview, Raif was naked down to the nether regions of his sculpted abs, at my request. “Not at all!” Raif happily responded. “There’s a time and place for everything, and this is it.” Raif’s sunny disposition is disarming, because as an aging queen who used to be All That, I was ready to resent him terribly. Alas, that is quite impossible. He is aware of his allure – he owns a mirror, after all –…

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AIDS United Signals Change Following Gilead Controversy

AIDS United, the national HIV/AIDS policy, lobbying, and funding consortium of organizational leaders, has issued an apology and promised to review their policies and procedures after the posting of my (can I say bombshell? Humble bloggers never get to use that word, so please) article last week, “Gilead Duped Me into Being Their Mouthpiece. Here’s How.” That blog post detailed my involvement in a media outreach project, led by AIDS United and managed by public relations firm Precision Strategies, that was ostensibly to fight a proposed change to Medicare Part…

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